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I ask myself, why would I donate to a group like this, to a community space that is helping youth, and creating a workspace for growth, for all ages, with an outreach of talent from Ottawa, to BC, and right here in our own lil town. A safe environment for folks to gather for an intimate conversation about life and music.

Explore a bit here, and you will quickly see, that the things happening in this room, are very real, and tangible experiences of community, and collaboration. We help one another to become better humans through our voices and our songs, our creations and our service.

We need support to help us complete projects, to acquire gear, noise makers, filming and recording gear, and physical print and audio products for the group.

We have officially been running and growing for over 5 years…offering creativity to those that may need it, an outlet to meet people, to chat, draw or write, or just to listen.  We’ve been offering WEDNESDAY SONGCIRLE as a service for the community for FREE, helped with a few small donations on the way, but mostly…Julie pulled in the reins from all directions in order to create this space for artists, to give back, to be home on the weekends, and to write more, and paint more, to have a place to share these works, of her own, and of the talented writers and artists she has met on her musical journey.

Julie has donated a full 16 channel board and rack gear, as well as most of the stage gear onsite, from past musical adventures, but when her father passed away, it was clearly time to do things differently.

The goal was to create and share this space with those who’ll listen, or participate, or share openly, their stories or talents, to share their creations in this space, and beyond. To make noise with us, or challenge us to create something unique, special, magical… to make us all feel better…even in some small way. We have done that.

I love the change that happens, the confidence, the life skill, or the life path navigation change, or the growth in character as each artists finds their voice. To see people resolve something that holds them still, in one place for a long time, and to see the pain lifted, or to make known a toolbox that is available in music, or to guide them to a connection to help them to make a better decision, or to find self love, and a way to communicate better, and even craft the skills to make a living at music and the arts.

The goal now is to release some of this beautiful original content and the fun collaborations, and the result of the challenges, and yes some of the changes, of the writers here as they progress, and writings of the group as a whole, as we continue to collaborate and work up our music. To not just share them here…but to share them and perhaps become sustainable so that we may remain creative.

To help one another along the way, to be a safe place, of friends and peers. To find and support artists in this community. To honor the craft of songwriting and each individual voice.

THANK YOU in advance if you have supported us in our creative endeavors. We could not do this without your help. I invite you to come in and experience C!RCLE, and the people who surround it.

To help at this time, to become a supporter of this room and the work we are doing, you can use the donate button on the site, or if you are tech savvy, you can send an email transfer to

[email protected]