Meet SUPERDAVE.  Songwriting could be his super power. He was dubbed this title, after having the courage to write and transform his way of thinking in a very short amount of time. He has much to celebrate these days, and is continuing to write, and hone his skills as a musician and entertainer. He has been a member since September of 2016, two days after an attempted suicide. Currently he has written over 350 songs, some of them are exceptional, and full of character and growth.

He has one huge impressive goal, … a ROCK OPERA !
That’s not just some small feat,  years can go into drafts, planning, character development, and their dialogue, plus the whole layout of the story itself, with some sort of message, much like life.  And then there writing the musical portions, big productions, dance numbers, theme music in the background of scenes, seems like a llfe project in the making!

Yes, David William Montgomery has written over 350 songs
since his first visit to SONGCIRCLE. But what he has really gained, is a feeling of self worth, and an outlet to communicate what is on his mind at any given moment, and a group of comrades who will help and guide at every turn.

Link of video (TO COME)

His songs have become room favorites, covering subject matter of his life experience, and soul searching shift forward, into whatever the universe has planned and SuperDave is always willing to lend a hand, and pitch in when needed. He has gained the respect of his musical peers here. Kudos to SuperDave.

He took part in a short creative film (PARTS 1 & 2) called “Solitude is Bliss” filmed and created by our IMPLICIT TEAM back in 2016, it’s worth a watch. It can be found on YouTube. 


Here is the spotify link to the song*BLUE*  by MONTGOMERY MANOR
aka SuperDave to us lol. CONGRATS to you for finally getting some original music out there streaming. Love it.  This is long overdue.


Here’s a link to his most recent release, there will be more to come in the next few months as well, from a studio visit with SONGC!RCLE OFFSITE.  Stay tuned, for more NEW MUSIC!!!



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Julie Ross
Julie Ross