Matty Sullivan


This guy oozes talent from his pores, his ideas are solid, and his musicianship here in this room is unwavering. Matt is always ready to noodle on the bass, or on his electric, to help enhance the mood, and the dynamics of the shares, and the songs themselves.

Here’s something he has written, and collaborated on this fantastic version with Frank E. Fitz, performed by Time Is A Hymn, a past project,and a great song here, called Gem.


I tried for many years to get Matt to enter this space with us, and to participate in some way. I guess we had to wait until he was ready, or maybe just until he met Andrea.  I am thankful he has made it into our musical realm here, and I myself feel his value, and addition to every project, and each attended Weekly Wednesday.

We feature Matty on bass in the tribute to Chester Bennington video, filmed live here in the SONGC!RCLE room. You can find that on the video page. I’m pretty sure Matt and I are gonna end up in the studio together, collaborating these last couple of years on a few songs with poet and author Andrea Raine, and possibly on an up and coming song with local producer Marty Marsh from the Snakebite Band.  There are a few covers that would be amazing, with his voice as the focal point, let’s see what happens.

There’s more to Matt than meets the eye,  he struggles with some pretty heavy subject matter in his past, and has some health issues that make his life far from the norm.  He currently has re-entered the work force, and has settled in a new home. He has a new musical project in the works with some great musicians, and life is good.  Congratulations!



I look forward to challenging Matt musically, and otherwise… His talents are well worth waiting for. He claims it’s because of me that he is playing bass now.  I will take that. lol    Thanks for being a part of this Matty.  I can’t wait to see what musical things you create, when you are ready.  I look forward to working with you in the years to come.



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Julie Ross
Julie Ross