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Meet Julie, a music, art and fitness enthusiast, who loves to make people feel better. It has been quite the journey, but it began long before this C!RCLE. In fact the beginnings of this room, were the result of pulling in the reigns after her father passed away.

“Here’s a song about a box of letters from my father”

Time seems to become more important as you get older, and it sure seemed like time to make a big change. The decision to have a hub where all creative things could happen, and a place to keep clients and community entertained and healthy began around 2011, but it wasn’t until we landed in this space, that the magic started to really happen.

Julie is drawn the works of other storytelling songwriters with great melody and harmonies, with some real roots and even a bit of funk and jazz. 
Her influences in song writing would have to be Joni Mitchell, Jonatha Brooke, and  Patty Griffin,but performance can range from jazz, rock n roll, folk and americana music to piano and voice. The ukulele is also a fun and easy go to with a program called Uke & Sing to teach and have a local Uke Club very soon…we did our test groups, and we think this town could use a place to have a ukulele singalong style social group.

Julie released her 3rd studio album, last summer, called WATER MUSIC, a collection of songs written mostly in and around Erieau over the last few years. Co-produced by one of our own C!RCLE members.

For the past six years Julie has been bringing music closer to home, with the writers group  called SONGC!RCLE, and now we really have come full circle.

“MUSIC IS THE MEDICINE”… OUR MANTRA here at circle, and Julie’s own personal one, (this is also engraved onto her ipod) It has since also become the title of a great song by SuperDave written soon after his first visit to this space.  Julie created a way to personalize a small moleskin journal with this mantra for visitors and participants here, to encourage them to scribe daily, or to write down their thoughts in order to better understand them.  We’ve given out hundreds of them over the last five years in this warm and inviting place.  That’s currently running WEDNESDAYS 630pm & Dover St. Chatham.

An opportunity to speak about it at TedX CK was a thrill for Julie, and a great place to tell people all about it. That was an exciting time indeed.
If you dig a bit you can find that in the video section on our YouTube channel, and  also on the official TedX site.


Julie also hosts stages regularly, bringing people together for OPEN MIC on the road, has been a fun way to keep in contact with many of the musicians and students from over the years. 

“We just had one a few weeks ago at the Bayside Brewery, in our favorite place in Erieau,” she said, “I love bringing a musical and joy filled afternoon to warm  sunny patio on a summer day.”

Our most recent opportunity was a taping at Quantum Sound Productions in Kingsville.  What a great  adventure. We did a live showcase for Sun Parlour Coffeehouse Sessions, which will be aired around October of 2019.  We were thrilled to be asked by Jan Hall of Folk Roots Radio to talk about the release of WATER MUSIC,  recording, SONGC!RCLE, gear, songwriting, and the business of music.  We will post links when we have them.

Links here are for the official JULIE ROSS MUSIC page on Facebook and places to find more of my own personal music and shows and booking info or to get more information contact us here.

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Songc!rcle - Songwriter Event

7 Dover St - Fit as a Fiddle
Chatham-kent Ontario, Canada
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Julie Ross
Julie Ross