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Meet Emily, a kind, strong, and bold humanitarian, who has the courage to travel the world to make a difference in some of the poorest and volatile locations on the planet. When a friend introduced Emily to us here at Fit, I knew nothing about her, but a special friendship began that day.  Our journey deepened with the discovery of her work after the earthquake in Haiti, and in helping to supporting Hime for Help in their efforts for a place called the “Home of Happy Hearts”.  I helped with the original logo for this venture, quite a few years ago.  Founded in 2012, this orphanage and safe haven for children in Haiti, has been growing and evolving ever since.

I felt like I knew Emily instantly. I should have recognized that smile. I went to school with her mom and her uncle, and I sang at her parent’s wedding. I felt our friendship grow over a few short months. She began to take a few random voice/guitar lessons, which quickly developed into songwriting sessions. The beautiful music that comes out of this now grown woman, with a child of her own, is heartfelt and tender.

This young lady has been through more in her short time here, than most people that I know. I have grown to love her like a daughter. Em came to us here at Fit As A Fiddle for some support. She was feeling drained from her efforts as a humanitarian. To date she has travelled to give aid to Ghana, Africa, the Phillippines, and Haiti.

SONGC!RCLE has provided music, fundraised and donated to many of her online auctions. Her journey is full of colourful tales, as well as some  darkness; Her songs are a reflection of that journey. You will notice some songs here will be posted to help to raise funds for Emily and her cause.

I think the songs and the writings, have helped Emily along the way, helped her to find peace in this complicated, changing and shifting world of hers.

You will be able to find these in the SHOP section of the site.
link to audio file on SPOTIFY or SOUNDCLOUD


She has also participated in many OPEN MIC’s over the years, singing mostly country ditties, but her taste for oldies, and sad melodies, has made her a great songwriter indeed. Her influences in songwriting style include Brandi Carlile, Lori McKenna,  Hayes Carll,  Johnny Cash,  and Loretta Lynn.

Emily has written over FIFTY songs  thirty or so co-writes with Julie Ross, and at least twenty more of her own. She has also done musical projects with Terry Barker, and another of our members, Charles Dorner lll.

We had her as a special guest on the rooftop of the Capitol Theatre, for the SONGC!RCLE SERIES events in the summer of 2015. She had been living in Haiti at the time, but had to return home suddenly when her Uncle Dave passed.  We got to have her perform at one of our events at that time. Here’s a bit of footage from that summer day on the rooftop.;

Please help us to help her.  This is definitely something our group of writers supports.  You can get to know her a bit better through song here.  She writes from a personal point of view, and she has had more life experience than most.  Her songs are an emotional journey on the road of melody.

“Here’s a song that Emily wrote about her experience in Haiti, and the trials and tribulations of life there.”  Julie Ross helped hone this one in, and helped to compose the lyrics and melody into the song it is today.  We were thrilled to be able to record this live in the SONGC!RCLE room, and we would like to make it available for download here.


(formerly HIME FOR HELP)

I’m personally very proud of Emily, and her accomplishments over the last several years. I know that it has not been easy, because I watched, as her life changed, and evolved into a passionate, daring adventure, of personal growth, and physical challenges. On top of navigating the orphanage, and its staff and residents, her own colourful relationships, becoming a doula, and volunteer firefighter, as well as becoming a mother to Beau, who is our youngest SONGCIRCLE member to date I wonder sometimes where this gal gets all her energy from. What I do know is,  she is a blessing.

Here’s an original track called “What I Didn’t Say” from about five years ago that we dug out of the vault. There are a few songs here on SOUNDCLOUD that we played into our phones and worked up during our songwriting sessions. This one brings back some memories.  More to come…





Below are Emily’s Official Rise House Links

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Julie Ross
Julie Ross