This project started with a digital message from over the big pond in the UK. “Lainey Rey” had been a huge supporter of the Implicit Team that I was involved with at that time. The beauty of digital is that the connections can be from very far away.  We have stayed in touch over these past few years.

When an opportunity to pitch a video tribute to the family of the late Chester Bennington,  for an upcoming event, she thought of us here in Canada.  She was the instigator, and I took on the challenge, or I should say, WE at C!RCLE took on the challenge as a group.

 I could not have done this project without the bravery and cooperation of a handful of people, who stepped forward in that moment to create something out of nothing. SuperDave really stepped up in the moment, with very little rehearsal, knowing this was going to be captured in one evening, with the hopes of catching some decent footage, and a vision of a memorial tribute, that would show what we can do in this room, and also I think, to prove to myself that I could actually make this project come to fruition from start to finish.

Then it was time to edit, and Jeff stepped up huge, to help get the film started, and try to accomplish what I felt would be a great representation for the event that would be aired for Chester’s birthday in March. Well I could not have completed the editing tasks without Jeff, and then also the help from Chris Taylor, with getting the short film uploaded in time.

For me, this is the first time trying to record something for someone other than myself, or to assist on another project with another group of creative individuals, under my own steam, and the hope of some magic happening…

And it did.

Please visit, and participate in the writer’s group on wednesdays at Fit As A Fiddle in Chatham. In house or online. 

You can find us on FaceBook, we have an official Page for marketing and online presence, and also there is an active group regarding more of the day to day, challenges and songs etc. has a great INSTAGRAM account where we post pics from the live Wednesday events.  

We’d love to have you give us a follow and a listen.

And of course…physical a visit.

Peace  Jules

More videos for us?

Absolutely, we have lots of content currently ready to release in the coming weeks, and some recent live recordings from a few collaborations with our writers, as well as some video old and new, of some quirky collabs, and some colorful videos from the weekly wednesday writers’ workshops, and other filming projects we have done in the past, and continue to do in the future.



Contact us for ideas, or project collaborations…let’s have some fun!

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Julie Ross
Julie Ross