Celebrating 5 years



Color me grateful!


So yes, it has been over 5 years now that SONGC!RCLE has occupied this space, in a huge storage area adjacent to my fitness business called Fit As A Fiddle.

The back room was raw and unfinished when we started this fun journey here.  No heat, no cooling, no walls, no insulation, it didn’t have proper or secure doors, but we saw a vision here, and it didn’t happen over night, and it didn’t happen without help.

My husband and I dry-walled and painted, and the artwork started to go up on the back wall, and then the stage was assembled, and the bones were built, for what this group of creative people has come to know as the JAMNASIUM.  I look back and  wonder sometimes “what the heck am I doing”, but you cannot explain, when something feels so right, and feels like it is helping and motivating these talented, and artistic folks who have shared their  stories, and their songs for us, and with us.

I’m fairly new to the whole INSTAGRAM thing, but I think our pics during the LIVE WEDNESDAY SONGWRITERS WORKSHOPS are well worth a look, The events are well attended, and very entertaining. (link here)

I have also created a SOUNDCLOUD account with playlists of some special snippets of sound…LIVE AUDIO…no matter how imperfect…sometimes it takes me a while to let these go…especially my own…lol  but enjoy! Link here These are easy to do, and range from raw original material, to quirky collaborations, to live off the floor covers on piano, and behind the scene rehearsals.

The whole idea of this site is to share, some of the incredible magical moments, that happen LIVE, a place where you can find the links to videos, and to the artists who have created them. To connect this web of talents somehow, and to find a way to be sustainable…

We have plenty of content, old and new, and plenty of people willing to share their writings, their sorrows, their life issues.  It’s a pretty special place, I think you will see if you follow our silly lil journey here.




Please visit, and participate in the writer’s group on wednesdays at Fit As A Fiddle in Chatham. In house or online. 

You can find us on FaceBook, we have an official Page for marketing and online presence, and also there is an active group regarding more of the day to day, challenges and songs etc.

Julieross.ca has a great INSTAGRAM account where we post pics from the live Wednesday events.

If you’d like to be a SPECIAL GUEST please contact  

We’d love to have you give us a follow and a listen.

And of course…physical a visit.

Peace  Jules

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Julie Ross
Julie Ross