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I always tell my students, that if you get asked to do something, a task or a challenge, a talk or a chance to do something new, and different, especially if it makes you uncomfortable…then you should do it…

I did it a few years back when I got asked to be part of TedX here in Chatham-Kent. That was probably the scariest day for quite some time, and so I thought I should go and do this taping for #icumi which stands for  “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT” which is a pretty common hashtag in social media these days.  So I said that I would make an appearance at the station, and I began to prepare.

I wrote a few notes…and I’m sure I rambled on at the taping, …but I needed to make sure some things were said. Eric made me feel right at home in Chatham’s newest media outlet, and asked lots of questions about the goings on in this space.  With the short film was released in February of this year.

I talked a bit about the hours that I volunteer to run this event weekly, and that I have been doing this thing on my own now with very little support. It’s very difficult to do the “ask” for me…I’m not quite sure why…but I feel like my value is here doing the work, and not banging on doors asking for funding.

I do know that I need to find answers to my own questions…I know I need to continue this work, it feels like the most important thing I could have done, and are still doing with my time here on this earth. It costs a small fortune to operate this room and it’s projects, but I will continue to show up every Wednesday, for the people who have decided that this space is worthy of their time. I know my time is worthy, to give to them, and we all get value from the creative process, and the challenges here.

I am also still determined to do a FUNDRAISER for this room for the sake of continuing in this lovely space that we lease. If you would like to participate or help at an event please get in contact.

Please visit, and participate in the writer’s group on Wednesdays at Fit As A Fiddle in Chatham. In house or online. 

You can find us on FaceBook, we have an official Page for marketing and online presence, and also there is an active group regarding more of the day to day, challenges and songs etc.

Julieross.ca has a great INSTAGRAM account where we post pics from the live Wednesday events.  

We’d love to have you give us a follow and a listen.

And of course…physical a visit.

Peace  Jules 

What's coming up for us?

Well we definitely will be recording more LIVE off the floor video, as well as live audio. You will be able to find some creations at our new YouTube page, and also our digital home on Soundcloud, where we will have some raw and unfinished originals in the works, and some fully worked up demos.  Again, I thank you for listening and watching, and for supporting this humble group of artists.

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Julie Ross
Julie Ross