We have some fabulous writers here at SONGC!RCLE. We want to create a hub for our songwriters here, and a connection point for sharing the efforts and heartfelt collaborations of the WEDNESDAY WRITERS GROUP. The writing challenges come from within the group, and their life trials and tribulations. The music is a great way to guide us somehow through transition or circumstance.
Here are a few tracks in various states of production, from demo to full version writings of people who are currently members of our writers group. Enjoy.

[ai_playlist id="721"]

We are always challenging our writers, to collaborate, and to make their songs more relatable, and listenable in this world of so much media, and creativity.  I’d love for one of our groups writings to be picked up for a film, or TV show, or other valuable placement.  We all continue to grow as humans, storytellers, authors, and musicians.

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