Andrea Raine


Meet Andrea, a kind, strong and compassionate woman, who has the courage to change her whole life, in an instant, with a single surgery, and a weight loss journey of over 240 lbs. She is half the size or less then when she first came to this building.

She was the woman behind the camera for our IMPLICIT team during it’s time here, and I feel we would not be where we are today at SONGC!RCLE without the steadfast navigation of this lovely lady right here.  She has been spending time here since 2015, during a lot of filming, every JAM, every graphic, print work and design element, and each decision regarding this room.  We need her, she is like a pivot point for all the media, eyes and ears on all posts and creations. She is a fantastic photographer, and has become a dear friend to me personally.

We’ve also followed, and assisted in Andrea’s weight loss journey. She has an amazing story to tell.  And her words on paper have inspired me to co-write, and collaborate on a few of her poems.  *Courage* was our first co-write, a song about the fear in the loss of a relationship, and the discovery of inner strength.  Next came *Do You Know Me*, another lovely piece of poetry, I only hope that I gave these pieces justice. Give them a listen. Tell us what you think.

Here is a poem of Andrea’s, one of many.  She was courageous enough to give me access to a folder on her computer with pages of tender words and works. To date, I have worked up a handful of them now, including the two demos here on Soundcloud. 
This is a poem from that folder called:


you take me
from sorrow to serenity
erase everyone, erase everything
make the world stand still
time is my fear
could this moment be longer?
could the distance be shorter?
could you be more intoxicating?
I’m dreaming an impossible dream

I’m faced with a blessing and a curse
you know me like I know myself
but circumstances keep me tied
I can’t do anything more
to make you realize
how important you are
and how much you mean to me


I hate time
I hate distance
I hate circumstance
I wish this window
could be open forever . . .

by Andrea Raine





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Julie Ross
Julie Ross