Well...to that I say, "why not now?"

I’ve only had this domain bought for two years.  Songcircle has been its own entity, and growing now for about five years… I would bet almost to the day. So much has changed from the original group of voices that were the *Suite Ensemble* which quickly transitioned into what we are doing in this room today.

A weekly writers songwriting group is no small task. I can recall in the beginning creating a lesson, or arriving with notes in hand on this or that musical tidbit I had found through the course of the week. Anything interesting to share, and to teach. Now the lessons appear in the conversations, and the challenges appear in the content, and in the souls who are brave enough to share their stories with us, and to help them create something tangible to make sense of it all musically first, and then… maybe a bit of magic, to help them on their life journey. 

Then this spring, we had Jared Aitken showed up one wednesday, and the opportunity to start this website began a few weeks later, and with the help of my daughter Sarah, on this Mother’s Day Weekend…we have accomplished much, and this site is actually starting to come together. Bravo! Jared, thanks for all your help so far with this…and Sarah, I love you dearly !!! Thank you both, I could not have done this without your help.

This feels like a big step, and great way to share some of our up and coming events and projects. This should be a fun adventure indeed.

It’s also costly, to keep this room running, so this is a place, where those who would like to support us, can do so. They can also see the projects, get the music, find the links to our videos, and read about the stories to songs that keep us creating, and helping our members to get their voices heard.  Thanks in advance for your interest and your help.
What's coming up for us?

More focused writing exercises and challenges in the coming weeks, and some recording for a few of our diligent writers, as well as some releases old and new. I am also determined to do a FUNDRAISER for this room for the sake of continuing in this lovely space that we lease, more on that later.


Yes we have created a digital web space, and also a place to catalogue and share our audio and video projects. These two platforms are a great add on to what we have started here. You can search for SONGC!RCLE demos on the Soundcloud app. 

Everyone knows that a great percentage of our entertainment these days comes from YouTube, and so we have started to post and share more content with the globe.  Scary, but very challenging, and we are learning so much along the way.  Check out some of our live footage and audio recordings at the links below.


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Julie Ross
Julie Ross